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PHIL 101 (FA 21): Books and Articles

Recommended Databases

Journal of Social Philosophy Special Issue: "Gender, Implicit Bias, and Philosophical Methodology

Volume 43, Issue 3 September 2012

For SAU users only, if off campus, right click and copy link address, then go to then Wiley Interscience, then once there, paste url into the browser.

Films on Demand database

The Battle in Your Mind Full Video (52:26) Has segments on Bias (includes transcript from which to quote and provides citation)

SAU Interlibrary Loan Portal

Search Tips

  • Use quotation marks to search for exact phrases.
    • Ex: "cognitive bias" or "climate change"
  • Experiment with a variety of keywords. Brainstorm synonyms and more/less specific terms.
    • More specific for "cognitive bias": "confirmation bias" or "anchoring bias"
    • Less specific for "cognitive bias":  "bias" or "heuristics"
  • Depending on your topic, you may need to broaden or narrow the scope of your search.
  • Different disciplines use different words to talk about "bias" and "cognitive bias." 
    • Psychologist use "bias," "cognitive bias," and more specific terms like "anchoring bias" or "confirmation bias"
    • Health Professions use "bias" 
  • Subject Term Suggestions: 
    • Topic: Climate Change and Cognitive Bias
      • Climactic change
      • Climatic change--Psychological aspects
      • "Partisan bias"
      • "psychological bias"
    • Topic: Health Care and Cognitive Bias
      • "Bias" and "Cognitive bias"
      • Decision Making
      • Cognition and reasoning
      • Stereotyping
      • Racial Bias
    • Topic: General Science and Cognitive Bias
      • Experimenter Bias
      • Research design bias 
    • Topic: Education and Bias
      • Test bias
    • Topic: Immigration and Bias
    • Topic: Life/Work Balance and Bias
      • workaholic* AND bias AND balance
    • Topic: Political dialogue and Bias
      • subject(politics) AND bias AND dialogue       -for ProQuest Central database-
    • Topic: Rehabilitation of prisoners
      • convicted and bias and prisoners and employment
    • Topic: Social Media and Bias
      • "social media" and subject(bias)    -for ProQuest Central database-
    • Topic: Racism and Bias
      • subject(racism) and subject(bias)       -for ProQuest Central database-
    • Topic: Vaccinations and Bias
      • subject(vaccin*) and subject(bias)        -for ProQuest Central database-

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