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PHIL 101: Reference Sources

What is a Reference Source?

  • Image of 5 encyclopedia volumes, bound in black with gold text and embellismentsA reference source provides quick facts or a brief overview of a topic.
  • Some common reference sources are: dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, atlases, and almanacs
  • Reference sources provide background information and expand your basic understanding of your topic. 

Image Credit: "Encyclopedia Britannica volumes" by Todd Mecklem is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


Assignment For Professor MacLaughlin's class

Students will begin research for a paper on "cognitive bias" as related to various areas (in medicine, climate change, vaccination, algorithm creation, etc.)

Reference Databases

Print Reference Books

The entries you find in the reference books below can be scanned into a pdf and emailed by you.

Ask a librarian how!

Reference Websites