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Integrating Library Content into Blackboard for SAU Faculty: Films & Multi-media

A guide for SAU faculty on how to add library e-books, articles, videos and more to your Blackboard courses


Films on Demand has segmented films into short clips. You can embed one or more of the segments or embed the entire film.

Embedding Library Film Content

1. Go to Films on Demand or Feature Films for Education (if you are off-campus, log in to first.)

2. Search for the film you want to share with your students. 

3. Click on the title. You will find the Embed/Link beneath the description. 

4.  Select your preferred embed size and copy the embed code. 

5. Open Blackboard and decide where you want to post the content.

6. Go to Build Content and click on Item. Select the HTML icon and paste the embed code.


Video tutorial