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Phil 305 : Home

A guide to resources for PHIL 305, Business Ethics. A jump-off point for research and to fulfill assignments.

Recommended Books in the SAU library collection

BEST BET databases

Topics for the Assignment

Type in these subject terms one at a time in our SAU databases and book catalog. Choose SUBJECTS or ABSTRACTS in the drop down if you are trying keywords of your own in the Advanced Search screen. Any titles or articles not full-text nor on SAU  library shelves can be gotten for SAU students and sent to our campus. (See the "Obtaining Materials through Interlibrary Loan" box to the right of this box)


The links in blue go to our book collection; the plain text can be used in article searches:

  1. Puffery and Marketing Ethics
    USE search terms ("puffery" OR "deceptive advertising" OR "exaggerated claims") AND marketing  Marketing -- Moral and ethical aspectsAdvertising -- Moral and ethical aspects
     :In ProQuest try typing exactly: MAINSUBJECT.EXACT("Deception") AND MAINSUBJECT.EXACT("Marketing")
  2. Advertising to Children 
    USE "advertising AND child
    *" OR Television advertising and children -- United StatesAdvertising and children -- United States : In ProQuest Try typing in : MAINSUBJECT.EXACT("Advertising") AND MAINSUBJECT.EXACT("Children & youth")
  3. Ageism in Hiring
    USE  Ageism; OR Ageism -- United States OR employment AND ageism OR  Age discrimination in employment; OR Age discrimination in employment -- Law and legislation : In ProQuest try typing in: MAINSUBJECT.EXACT("Age discrimination") AND MAINSUBJECT.EXACT("Employment discrimination") AND ethic*
  4. Income Inequality between Genders
    USE  Wages -- Women -- United StatesPay equity -- United StatesSex discrimination in employment -- United States : In ProQuest try typing: MAINSUBJECT.EXACT("Gender pay gap") and ethic*
  5. Giving back to the community
    USE   Social responsibility of business In ProQuest try typing: MAINSUBJECT.EXACT("Social responsibility") AND MAINSUBJECT.EXACT("Corporate responsibility") AND "united states"

    OR try: MAINSUBJECT.EXACT("philanthropy") AND MAINSUBJECT.EXACT("Corporate responsibility") AND "united states"
  6. A Survey of Creative Environmentally-Friendly Practice
    USE  Industries -- Environmental aspects -- Economic aspects     : In ProQuest try typing in exactly this: (MAINSUBJECT.EXACT("Sustainable design") OR MAINSUBJECT.EXACT("Green products")) AND corpor*
  7. Ethical issues with college sports
    USE  College sports -- Corrupt practices -- United StatesCollege sports -- Moral and ethical aspects -- United States : In ProQuest try typing: MAINSUBJECT.EXACT("Ethics") AND MAINSUBJECT.EXACT("College sports")
  8. Are Trade Unions a good or a bad thing?
    USE  Labor unions -- United States ; Labor unions -- Canada ; In ProQuest try typing: MAINSUBJECT.EXACT("Ethics") AND MAINSUBJECT.EXACT("Labor unions") AND "united states"
  9. What is wrong with Multibillionaires?
    USE:   Billionaires    
    In ProQuest try placing this in the search bar: MAINSUBJECT.EXACT("High income") AND wealth
  10. universal basic income:
     Basic incomePublic welfareBasic needsEconomics -- Sociological aspects         InProQuest, Try placing this exactly into the search bar: MAINSUBJECT.EXACT("Basic income") AND universal
  11. Ask for help from a librarian! At the reference desk in the library atrium or by writing to - Free Articles on Web

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Credo Online Reference Entries - SAU Users only

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