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Nursing Scholarly Writing & Evidence-Based Practice: Appraising Article Types

A guide to help you employ strategy in searching for, locating, and citing scholarly research

What's On This Page 2

On this page you'll find examples of different types of research and review articles. Some of the examples highlight the information you'll want to look for when you're appraising an article. Some of the examples take you to articles in CINAHL where you can practice your appraisal skills.

Tips to Remember:

  • Start with the title and work your way down through publication type, subjects, abstract, journal subset and instrumentation.
  • Reviews are reviewing the research, so when you're looking at publication type if you see review AND research, review usually takes precedence.
  • Mixed methods research uses qualitative AND quantitative, so remember to check for both. 
  • Are there other assignment criteria for the article you're appraisiing? Don't forget those too!

Appraise an article using the highlighted sections below