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Library Fall 2020 - Spring 2021 at SAU: COVID-19-related Changes

Special Covid19 details regarding your library

Furniture & Computers

Booth south side seating capacity is one Booth north side seating capacity is one

ABOVE: The very popular booth spaces on the entry level of the library are still in place. Because the booth
seats are not 6ft apart, COVID protocols stipulate one person per booth.

Safety protocols

Masks must be work at all times in the Library.
The library building requires an SAU  BeeCard to enter; the Library is not open to guests and visitors at this time.
Bring headphones/earbuds to participate in Webex classes at our tables, booths, carrels and comfy chairs. 
Hand sanitizer wall dispensers are available throughout the building.
Keyboards are cleaned daily; you may use wipes on keyboards before and/or after your use. It is still recommended to clean your hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer after touching any shared/public surfaces. 

Books on the library shelves and Course Reserves are safe to use.

Look for the office supplies table (tape, stapler, hole punch) in the atrium near the reference desk.
Plexiglass at service desks protects all of us.

Drinking fountains are operational.



Student Lounge 2nd floor for eating only

ABOVE: 2nd floor student lounge offers students a properly distanced space in
which to eat. Masks are required throughout the rest of the library. This space
should NOT be used as a study room.
BELOW: 2nd floor Quiet Area tables can accommodate 2 students sitting
diagonally across from each other. Soft upholstered chairs remain in this space
for a more comfortable seating option.

Quiet area second floor