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SOC 342: Drugs & Society

Write a 5-7page paper consisting of a critical analysis of an issue related to substance use. This paper is to be formatted according to APA style (1” margins, citations, title page, abstract, reference page, running head, page numbers, 12 pt font) and have a minimum of four different professional sources (citations), two of which must be from a professional journal.

The information included in this LibGuide can assist you in completing the research requirements for this writing assignment with efficiency.
It includes:

  • a list of Ebscohost & ProQuest databases that you are expected to use to find at least two scholarly articles
  • a selection of electronic professional journals related to the study of substance abuse
  • weblinks to govenment agencies and national organizations that provide various sorts of information including, context of social issues and policymaking to address those societal problems.
  • a tutorial about APA Style with examples of the layout of an APA paper as well as explanation of the formatting of citations for the references list


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