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Poll Everywhere: Polls (Customizing)

Resources in support of your use of Poll Everywhere, a dynamic "audience response system"

Customizing Polls

Customizing your poll

The way your poll looks is entirely up to you. You can customize the look and feel of your poll through the Visual Settings menu, which is accessible when viewing any of your polls.

From this menu, you can change the font, the font size, and the colors of your poll to match your personal style, the company aesthetic, or a presentation template. You can also add an image or your logo to the title or the background of your poll.

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Step 1. To change the look and feel of a poll, select the poll from the My Polls page by clicking on the poll’s title.

Step 2. Once the poll is loaded, select the Visual Settings icon, which appears at the top of the list.

Visual settings icon

Step 3. You can change the look and feel of your poll by adjusting different settings within the various tabs under Visual Settings: :

Visual settings tabs

Here, you can control the look of the poll title, the instructions for how your audience can respond, the color or image on the poll background and much more. This panel also lets you set a logo image, choose colors and themes, and change the font.You can adjust your Instructions View or set a Heat Map, which automatically adjusts the color of the bars according to the number of responses. You can decide the chart layout, the color of the bars, and how the data appears, by either number of responses or percentages.

Step 4. To close the Visual Settings menu, click on the “x” in the upper right corner. The changes you made will be automatically saved to your poll.

Visual settings exit

Setting a default style

You can set a default style for your polls in the Settings menu, found on the top right of any page. All new polls will have the same visual settings (e.g., colors, fonts) as the poll you select as your template poll. You can also choose to update all existing polls to match the template poll.

This is useful when you want to create multiple polls with the same look and feel without having to make each change individually.

Step 1. To set a template poll, go to your My Polls page and click on your username to access the Settings button.

Setting a default style: step 1

Step 2. Under the heading Poll Settings, click Set, and select the poll you would like to use as the template.

Step 3. You can click the “Apply to all my polls” button to retoractively set your template, and/or click the “Save” button at the bottom, to save your settings for all the polls your create moving forward.

Setting a default style: step 3