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Poll Everywhere: Polls (the Basics)

Resources in support of your use of Poll Everywhere, a dynamic "audience response system"

The Basics in a Nutshell!

Types of poll activities

Poll Everywhere offers several types of activities you can use to interact with the audience:

  • Multiple-choice polls: The audience chooses from the response options you provide (for example a choice of either true or false.) You can also upload images to serve as response options. Multiple choice polls accept both text message responses and web responses. Multiple-choice polls

  • Open-ended questions: The audience responds freely, with anything they wish. Open-ended responses can be displayed three ways: a ticker, text wall, or cluster. You can use Moderation to manage responses before they are shown publicly. This activity allows both text message responses and web responses. Open-ended polls

  • Q&A: The audience submits ideas or questions. Then they can anonymously upvote or downvote all other responses, so the best rise to the top quickly. This activity only allows web responses. Q&A polls

  • Rank order: Participants rank the response options you provide. The results display as a bar chart ranking the options 1st, 2nd, 3rd… This activity only allows web responses. Ranking polls

  • Clickable images: The audience clicks anywhere on an image to respond. You can even specify regions to count clicks in specific areas. This activity only allows web responses. Clickable image polls (Image credit:

Creating an activity

A Poll Everywhere activity is a single question or prompt you pose to your audience.

Step 1. To create an activity, tap the red Create button at the top left of your My Polls page.

Use the Create button to create an activity

Step 2. Select the activity you would like to create for the audience.

Overview of activity types

Step 3. Enter your question or prompt.

Multiple choice poll: Now that you have a question, enter the response options you want the audience to select from. You can use images as response options by pasting a direct link, or uploading one from your computer using picture icon. To add a response option click the plus icon. You can delete a response option by clicking the trash icon on the far right.

Multiple choice question example

You can designate the correct response to a multiple choice question. Check the box to the left of the correct response option(s). A correct response will be highlighted green, when you reveal correctness on the poll chart.

Word cloud, Q&A, or open-ended questions: Simply enter the question or prompt.

Word cloud question example

Rank order: Just like multiple choice, you can enter text or add images as answer options.

Creating a poll Step 4 - Mulitple Choice Poll Experimental

Clickable image: Select one of the provided images, or upload an image you would like the audience to interact with.

Clickable image question example

If you like, you can define rectangular regions on your image where clicks will be counted. To the right of your image you can name and manage the regions, similar to the way you manage response options for multiple choice polls. This includes the ability to mark correct region(s).

Clickable image question example

Survey: Give your survey a title, and add a series of activities. Surveys allow you to ask your participants multiple questions at once. Everyone can answer the questions privately at their own pace. Surveys are great for quizzes, pre- and post-training assessments, and questionnaires.

Helpful tip: Surveys and groups can be edited after the creation process, so don’t fret if it’s not perfect right away.

Survey example

Step 4. When you are ready, click the create button to build your activity and save it to your account.

That’s it! Continue to add as many activities as you like.

Activating your poll

When you are ready for the audience to respond, you will need to activate the poll. This publishes the poll on your response page (i.e. To activate your poll from the My Polls page, click on the Activate icon, located to the right of the poll.

Activate your poll

To activate your poll from the poll chart click the activation button, or simply put your poll in full screen mode. The poll is automatically activated when in fullscreen mode. Only one poll can be activated on your presenter page at a time, so the only poll visible to your participants is the poll you are displaying in fullscreen mode. The next poll will automatically activate as you advance through your polling slides, dynamically adjusting your presenter page. You can always access the Activate icon by hovering over the upper right side while in fullscreen mode.

Activate your poll


Testing your poll

You can test drive your poll from the audience’s perspective with the handy, built-in testing tool. When your poll is open, the menu at the top right contains a Test tab. Click that tab to experience the way audience members will join your session and/or respond.

Testing your poll: Test tab

Step 1. Choose a response mode from the How people can respond menu. You can try Presenter Session or Keywords mode.

Step 2. Open the Test tab at the top of the menu. For Presenter Session, you can try joining the session and casting an A, B, C response. For Keywords mode, you can try texting in an auto-generated code as a response. You can try web responses or text responses by switching between the two tabs at the top of the test panel.

Web response testing: Testing your poll: WebText response testing: Testing your poll: Text

The testing tool will tell you if your poll is not activated. Open the poll in full screen or click the activate icon to activate the poll.

Ending & Locking Polls

Ending and Locking your poll

To stop accepting responses you can deactivate or lock your poll. If you lock a poll while it is still activated, participants can see the poll on your presenter page, but are unable to respond. To remove the poll from your presenter page, simply click the Activate icon once more to deactivate.

Start/Stop toggle

If the poll is in fullscreen mode, you can access Lock and Activate/Deactivate icons by hovering over the upper right side of the poll. Remember a poll in full screen is automatically activated.

Start/Stop toggle

If your poll is locked, you can easily unlock it. Just go to your My Polls page, select the poll you want to unlock, and click the Unlock button at the top of the window.

Start button

If the poll is in fullscreen mode, you can find the button to lock or unlock by hovering over the upper right side of your poll until the menu becomes visible. Then click the Lock icon.

Lock/Unlock toggle

Summary of lock & activate options

Clearing responses

The presenter can clear a poll’s results so that no responses are shown on screen. This allows you to reuse polls and save past results as an archived run. It’s a good idea for presenters to send in a few test responses, but remember to clear test responses before the actual presentation.

When a poll is cleared the results are not lost or deleted. Results are stored as archived runs that can be accessed with the reporting features on a paid plan. There are several ways to clear poll results:

  • From the poll: Simply click the Clear results icon. This allows you to clear results for only that poll.

Clearing responses

  • From your My Polls page: Check off the boxes to the left of the titles of the polls or groups you wish to clear, and then click the Clear results button. This allows you to clear results from several polls at once.

Clearing responses

You can find the archived results of a poll in the Response History view. Open this by clicking Export in the bottom right panel on your poll, then clicking Response History.

Note: The computer from which the poll is displayed must be connected to the internet.