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Poll Everywhere: FAQs

Resources in support of your use of Poll Everywhere, a dynamic "audience response system"

Frequently Asked Questions

Searchable FAQs to commonly asked questions!


Here are a couple of examples of the types of questions and answers you'll find in the FAQs on the poll everywhere website:

      Can I embed a live poll in my PowerPoint presentation?

Yes! First, make sure to install the PollEv Presenter Add-in. On the Poll Everywhere ribbon in PowerPoint, log in, then click "Insert Poll Slides". Now press F5 in PowerPoint to start the presentation, and you should see your poll embedded seamlessly into your presentation.

More detailed information for both Windows and Mac can be found in the User Guide.

Can I grade or score responses?

You can grade responses with any plan. This is popular for professors, instructors, and teachers, and works well for corporate training workshops, too. First, create a new multiple choice poll (grading only works for multiple choice polls). Next, edit the poll and check off the box "Grade incoming responses" in the upper-right. This will enable new checkboxes under each option you enter on the poll. You can then mark one or more response options as correct.

Mark correct answer

Once a few responses have been received, you can run reports to get a graded view of the results, like this:

Graded report sample

Learn more about grading and watch a fun-filled, Animal Farm themed video. It's all the rage!