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KIN 215 Basic Athletic Training: Periodical databases

Basic principles and techniques of athletic training. Allows the student to gain a working knowledge of basic skills required to provide athletic training assistance.

Other databases

Scholarly vs. popular periodicals

Here is a short video that explains the major differences between popular magazines and scholarly journals. Both types can be found in SAU databases, so being able to differentiate between the two is important.

Research tips

Searching Tips: To help locate primary research on review articles try the following techniques:

  • To narrow results to review studies
    • Add the terms "systematic review" OR "meta analysis" in an all-text search box.
  • To narrow results to primary research
    • Use Boolean Operator "NOT" and add the search terms "systematic review" OR "meta analysis" in an all-text search box.

While this may help narrow results to better achieve a more relevant pool of articles, it is not foolproof. Students will need to examine each article to verify it meets the research need.