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Resources related to the 2018-2019 campus theme, Visual Narratives.

Visual Narratives


As an annual theme, Visual Narratives opens up diverse pathways for inquiry and exploration across the St. Ambrose campus. Encompassing a wide array of modern media and modes of expression such as comics, graphic novels, art and design, film, theater, dance, printmaking, photography, visual storytelling, graffiti, political propaganda, bookbinding, advertising, journalism, social media, and didactic and instructional texts, the theme of Visual Narratives also permits critical engagement with countless numbers of texts that engage with contemporary and historical realities via topics ranging from the exploration of individual identity to events in world history. For these reasons, Visual Narratives provides an expansive platform with which nearly every program and department on campus can connect in meaningful ways. Given the ever-increasing consumption and relevance of visual texts in today’s society, it is also a theme that is sure to generate student interest and engagement.