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What's Inside

Dr. Joseph Hebert, History:
Students will explore relevant texts in history, literature, and political philosophy on the theme of money, economics, and liberty as they relate to the conditions for a prosperous and flourishing society. . Students working with Dr. Hebert will study Aristophanes’ Pluto, Plato’s Hipparchus, and selections from Aristotle, Augustine, Aquinas, and Adam Smith, using these primary sources to assess the thesis of John Mueller’s Redeeming Economics, which explores the contributions of classical and medieval philosophy to modern political economy. 

Dr. Jodi Prosise, Engineering:
Students will be involved with developing a simple, affordable, neural-controlled upper limb prosthetic by developing a hand model for motion analysis, designing an experiment for EEG data-collection, analyzing data collected from monkeys, and re-developing current open-source models of prosthetics.

Dr. Susa Stonedahl, Physics & Engineering: Investigating the flow of water through heterogeneous sediments

The speed and paths by which water flows through sediments under streams affects the biogeochemistry of streams. Chemical reactions take place in the sediments, which essentially clean the stream making it healthier. Students will conduct an experiment designed to investigate the flow of water through heterogeneous sediments. They will collect data, analyze the data, and simulate the system using a variety of computer programs. This is a multi-disciplinary project, which would be well suited to students from a variety of disciplines. Engineering, chemistry, computer science and math students are particularly encourage to apply.

Dr. Katie Trujillo, Psychology: Impact of therapy dogs on people’s stress levels in hospital waiting room environments.

This study is designed to test whether interaction with a therapy dog can reduce stress levels of patients' family members. This study will be conducted in a hospital waiting room involving therapy dogs who regularly visit the hospital.

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