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Research Guide for French : Home

This guide was created to support the research needs of SAU students enrolled in French 303 & 400

French News Sources

It is possible to access the current issue of many contemporary French newspapers including Le Monde. However, it is not possible to gain the free access to their archives.

Interlibrary Loan

If the SAU library does not have the library resource you need, you can borrow it from another library for free by using Interlibrary Loan.

SAU Library's List of Journal Holdings

This link will take you to list of our journal holdings both online and in print.

Library Links

Google Scholar

In scholar settings, limit to French Language. Or add the following to your search string: to return items from French websites.

Internet Country Codes for Domain Search

If you want to constrain your Internet search to a French speaking country, use the attached guide to find your two letter country code. For example: use in your search string to limit search to Belgian sites.

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