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IL 101: Video Project: Video Project


Software Needs

Copyright and Fair Use

4.2.3 Music, Lyrics, and Music Video

"Up to 10%, but in no event more than 30 seconds, of the music and lyrics from an individual musical work (or in the aggregate of extracts from an individual work), whether the musical work is embodied in copies, or audio or audiovisual works, may be reproduced or otherwise incorporated as a part of a multimedia project created under Section 2. Any alterations to a musical work shall not change the basic melody or the fundamental character of the work."

For more information, visit the Copyright Crash Course

      Harper, Georgia K. The Copyright Crash Course. U of Texas Libraries
            and U of Texas at Austin, 2001. Web. 11 March 2014.

For more information on copyright and fair use in an academic setting, visit this SAU LibGuide on Copyright Law.



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