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ENGL 223: Minority Voices: Finding African American women authors

A study of works by writers from one or several minority groups. Attention is paid both to the texts and to their social contexts.

Library of Congress subject terms

One way to locate contemporary African American women authors is by using selected Library of Congress subject terms. Try finding authors using the following subject headings:

  • African American women authors 20th century
  • African American women in litererature 20th century
  • African American Women fiction 20th century

Enter the headings into the book catalog's search box. Change the search from keyword to subject. SAU returns 36 records; 127 when all Rivershare libraries are added. You will need to verify whether the authors are contemporary. Also, watch for format and audience. As we share resources with many public libraries, the probability does exist that the item is for a younger audience.

Library resources: Reference books

Library resources: Non-reference books

These books represent a selection of sources. This is not exhaustive.