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HIST 205: Historical Methods, Civil Rights & SAU: SAU Archives & Special Collections

Archives and Special Collections

Open Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m - 4:30 p.m.

Appointments are preferred. 
Please contact Kathy Byers at or (563) 333 - 6463.

To access the Archives and Special Collections, head to the third floor of the library.  Look for the director's office along the blue wall.  The entry to the archives is through the director's assistant, Kathy Byer's, office.  We will be sure to pull the appropriate materials for you ahead of time.  We look forward to your visit!

SAU Library Archives & Special Collections

The following primary sources are available for research by appointment.


Collections of Individuals - personal papers of former faculty members at St. Ambrose College

  1. Sr. Ritamary Bradley, scrapbook about the Davenport Civil Rights Commission
  2. Rev. George McDaniel, research material related to his published articles about the League for Social Justice and the Catholic Interracial Council
  3. Rev. William O'Connor, Labor newsletter he wrote from 1951 - 1966, material from his involvement in the League for Social Justice
  4. Rev. John "Jack" Smith, material from a nation, local, and campus perspective along with history course teaching material about civil rights

Single File Collections 

  1. Citizen 2nd Class: Social Justice Survey 1952 - conducted by St. Ambrose College students
  2. Civil Rights Quad-City History Project
  3. Arthur Gill Collection of correspondence with Harkin
  4. Cook's Points photographs (see image above of St. Ambrose students assisting residents of this Quad City community in the 1950s)


Student Newspaper Collection 

The Ambrosian News: 1931/32-1967/68

Paper S.A.C.: 1968/69 - 1983/84

Yearbook Collection 

The Oaks: 
1948 - 1984

 Scene Magazine - St. Ambrose University Alumni publication

Fall 2010 issue, article related to Civil Rights


 History of the University

Bees & Burr Oaks - 100 Years of St. Ambrose College, by Rev. Anthony G. Farrell '60, 1982

A Great and Lasting Beginning: The First 125 Years of St. Ambrose University, Rev. George W. McDaniel '66, 2006


Presidential Papers Collection - collection of photocopies of original materials from the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library in West Branch, IA

  1. John F. Kennedy Papers
  2. Lyndon B. Johnson Papers

Pacem in Terris Collection - Peace on Earth award given to people who who promote peace and social justice

  1. 1964, John Howard Griffin, award recipient, author of Black Like Me 
  2. 1965, Martin Luther King, Jr., award recipient, acceptance speech on file

Book Arts Special Collection - collection of artist books purchased by the library, often feature handmade paper, letterpress printing, limited edition, unique bindings, etc.

  1. Long, Slow March by Clifton Meador
  2. Cause & Effect by Jessica Peterson