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Sources for research in Philosophy 305-Business Ethics: Study of ethical principles and the application of ethical principles to situations relevant to decision-making in the professional and business world.

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A note to users concerning database searching

If you are not an St. Ambrose University user, your local public library may have access to various databases that are subscription based. Call and ask your public library for details.

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Need something we don't have?

Have you found the perfect article but don't know if we subscribe to it? Here are some steps you can take.

1. We may have access to the journal in another database. In Library Central under the A-Z link, you'll find the Periodical Holding List. From here, you can check a comprehensive list of databases in which our journals appear.

2. Try searching for the title of the article in Google Scholar. Any research that makes use of taxpayer funding must be eventually released to the public--you might find an openly available copy of your article.

3. We can go to other libraries that subscribe to the journal and have them send us a copy. You can find a direct link to the ClioWeb interface here

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